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For the last fifteen years, the Henry's School of Imaging has been helping Canadians learn how to create amazing photos and video. Our classes are divided into seven main categories: Photo, Creative, Lighting, Software, Photo Tours, Video and Smart Phones.

If you are looking to master the operation of your camera, our Photo Classes are ideal for you. Our team of professional photo educators will help you explore your camera's features in a fun, hands-on classroom environment. Our level 101 photo classes will help you learn how to overcome common problems, such as pictures turning out too dark or too light. Our level 201 classes will teach you how to take control over your camera's exposure settings and control light and motion.

Once you've mastered the operation of your camera, our Creative Classes will inspire you to take your photography to the next level. With topics like Composition and Perspective, Natural Light Portraiture, Travel Photography and Creative Night Photography, we will push your creative limits and show you how to create stunning images anywhere.

Our Mutliweek Classes combine elements of our Camera Classes and our into a complete five week curriculum. Loaded with hands-on practice and expert feedback, we've helped thousands of students develop their passion for photography into something even bigger.

If you're like most people, your phone is your camera. Whether you're documenting family adventures, sharing your life with your social network or creating beautiful works of art, our phoneography classes can teach you how to get amazing results from your Camera Phone. Our instructors are passionate about photography, and we will give you lots of great guidance and feedback about how to capture stunning images in all kinds of scenarios. These classes are fast-paced, fun and loaded with practical exercises.

We also give you the option to explore other topics, including how to use external flashes and studio lights, how to create beautiful videos with your DSLR and how to edit and manipulate your photos in your computer using software like Lightroom and Photoshop.

For those how prefer a fully hands-on experience, our Photo Tours are a perfect match. These classes offer you the opportunity to put into practice many photographic concepts in a real life environment with the guidance of one of our expert instructors. These classes will take you to beautiful and exciting locations to capture images of animals, people and architecture.

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