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Buying a DSLR Part 1Buying a DSLR-Part 1

Before you launch yourself into the wonderful world of DSLR ownership, you're going to want to do a little research because, in a sense, you're not just buying yourself a camera, but buying into a whole photography system.
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Buying a DSLR Part 2Buying a DSLR-Part 2

Last week we reviewed exactly what a dSLR is, and why you might want a photography system instead of a standard point-and-shoot digicam.
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Buying a DSLR Part 3Buying a DSLR-Part 3

One of the best parts of buying into a photography system is all the other stuff you get to play with and use in addition to the camera body itself. Without going into too much detail we'll take a quick look at some of the other things to consider when purchasing your dSLR.
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Monkeying Around with GorillapodMonkeying Around with Gorillapod

Since the inception of photography, tripods have been a principal accessory for photographers. Anyone who has ever tried to capture a sharp, natural looking photo in low light will tell you a tripod is simply a must.
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Shooting in the Winter Part 1Making Effective Use of a Polarizing Filter

With the arrival of the digital photo age many budding photographers have questioned whether or not special effect filters are…
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Shooting in the Winter Part 1Flash Photos with Gary Fong

When it comes to softening light, one of the more effective accessories for flash is the Lightsphere II from Gary Fong Inc. The Lightsphere II is a flexible, premium-grade vinyl bowl that fits directly onto your external flash (no velcro or other awkward mounting gizmos required).
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